High Quality Performance Leather Saddles

Our methods balance craftsmanship with advanced technology and innovative ideas.

By using a combination of the English cut panel with gussets and an extensive range of traditional wooden Lariot saddle trees our designs will optimise the perfect fit for each horse. Each panel is flocked by hand using only 100% pure new wool for ease of adjustment whenever necessary.

We offer custom adjustments to meet your own individual requirements and leg placement. Height is considered for the length of the flap but it is your hip and knee angle that ultimately affects the positioning of the roll and forwardness to provide the most appropriate support. We have a range of patterns to compliment this.

Black – an equestrian classic
Cocoa – certainly a palate for the taste buds
Claret– exciting array of vintages

with numerous contrasting leathers, welting and other options

If you are considering purchasing a new saddle now or for the future, please feel free to contact us and use our expertise to help guide you to what is an important but exciting decision. Finding the perfect saddle should not be a difficult process and our teams are on hand to guide you through every step of the way.