Testimonials and Feedback

Please read below some of the wonderful feedback and reviews received from riders, if you have something you would like to add please feel free to email us: contact@loxleysaddles.com

“Patty is a wonderful fitter and I can really notice a difference when she works on the saddles. I’ve worked with other brands of saddles but all have them have been foam flocked — I can really see and feel what a difference the wool flocking is making in my horses movement.

My 4* horse, Sir Donovan, is quite long backed and struggles with back soreness. Since I began using the Bliss saddles he is noticeably more comfortable and I find myself needing to do less and less maintenance on his back  (robaxin, meso, etc). The saddles are lovely.”

Katie Ruppel, 4* Event rider, FL, USA

It was quite amazing to feel the difference in how he (Hap) moved and how I could feel so much more contact through my leg.  One of the things I love about Bliss is how you can customize the tree and the saddle to the horse as well as to the rider. I am very petite and always have problems with saddles that don’t fit me correctly.  In the past, I would just sacrifice my comfort in a saddle as long as it was right for my horse and made him happy. But now with Bliss I can have both!

Tiffani Loudon-Meetze, 4* Event rider, SC, USA


My new Paramour saddle fits like a glove, Alphaville has more shoulder freedom and the seat is like a chair giving me great support!”

Frank Hosmar, Paralympic Medalist, The Netherlands


I absolutely love the Liberty dressage saddle! It is the best dressage saddle I’ve sat in! And my horse loves it! “Dressage is not easy for my event horse but the way this saddle fits him he thinks he’s a dressage horse! And seems to enjoy the work! And to top it off the beautiful craftsmanship, the perfect balance in the seat and blocks make this the best dressage saddle on the market!”

Darrah Alexander, NY, USA


A few months ago Saddle CPR introduced me to my “Loxley by Bliss” dressage saddle that I purchased for my Friesian Mare, Sasha. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in my riding experience.  Sasha was uncomfortable in the saddle I was using as it belong to my beloved, Tjarda who had passed the year before.

In fact, it was making us both uncomfortable as I was becoming hesitant to ride her.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful rider, Cassandra who rides Sasha during the week while I’m in the office.

From the moment I first rode Sasha in the new, “Loxley” saddle, everything changed!  The roughed out seat and leg rolls gave me the security of a western saddle, and yet I still had the close contact of an English saddle!  The fit made such a difference in Sasha!  My confidence returned, the communication with my horse improved daily, and I now LOVE to ride my horse again!  I cannot thank you enough for recommending this wonderful saddle!!!

Monica, CA, USA, August 2013I am very happy with my Loxley saddle, which has the perfect fit for my horse and me. It’s very soft for my backside! My horse moves much better (no tail swishing). The design is beautiful. A short time ago, we had a 3 hour ride with our yard; I was the only person who was not complaining about saddlepain!

Mathilde, The Netherlands, April 2013


Today I had the first opportunity to try my saddle (Paramour Dressage) on DaCapo and ride him.  My trainer also rode him and for the 3 of us, Jane’s words describe our feelings: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! It is gorgeous and feels even better.  Again thanks for the speed and so accurate to our dimensions most FABULOUS saddle.  I can’t believe after all these years, I finally have a saddle that fits me AND my horse, Thank you!! – Fitter by Tiger Adams, Horse in Sport.

Faith Shields, CO, USA 2013

I absolutely love my saddle, it matches my cross country colours! It’s an amazing saddle and finally my horse has a saddle that fits him – he loves it too!

Alyssa Ford, USA 2013


Working with Bliss of London was a great experience, you get such a personal service. Choosing the fine detail was great fun and I LOVE the diamantes on the back, it looks amazing. It is so comfortable and my first competition using it I won twice so I’d say my horse also loves it! – Thank you Bliss of London

CDV – Buckinghamshire, England


I love my Bliss saddle because it was personally designed to fit myself and my horse. It especially helps my seat and legs to stay in the correct position when jumping. When I am at a show I get many comments on its look and individuality – I really like the way the diamantes sparkle in the sunlight.

ID – Buckinghamshire, England


I love my new Loxley Saddle! Thank you so much for making it for me. I have the one in brown with the d rings on the back and alligator on the back of  the cantle. I am trail rider and its so comfortable! I think it will be great for long trail riders for both me and my horse. And it is so beautiful!

SR, from Washington State, USA

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